13 April 2022

Healing And Support After Injury

Orthotic devices are fitted to aid in healing and support after injury. These devices are
designed to precisely meet your needs and lifestyle. Our board-certified practitioners using
the latest technology and state of the art devices and materials will provide you with the
a device that best suits your comfort and activity level. Included among your orthotic options
are the making and fitting of custom orthopedic appliances. These devices help to preserve,
restore and encourage continued development of extremity form and function. These apparatus
can offer much-needed stability for the spine, upper, and lower extremity structures of the body.

Upper Extremity



Wrist / Hand

Shoulder / Elbow

Lower Extremities

Lower Extremity Braces

Pediatric corrective

Speciality Services- Neuro Ifrah Products

Specialty Services – Neuro Ifrah Products