Client Reviews

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You’re Not Just A Number

You treat your patients with respect and dignity, instead of as just a number.


Great Phone Support

The phone support for all companies should be so lucky to have such a staff.


Best Facility I’ve Been To

Excellent care and service. This is the very best facility I’ve been to. All the others were busy and uncaring.


Really Enjoyable People

One of the best doctor visits ever. Really enjoyed the people here. I Love my shoes and inserts.


I Couldn’t Be Happier

The construction of my AFO took longer than quoted, but I couldn’t be happier. You guys are great. Everyone is friendly and caring.


What A Difference

Best orthotics fitting I’ve ever had, and I’ve been wearing orthotics since the ’60s. I’ve also been doing exercises in therapy. What a difference! I used to have so much pain with every step. Not now! And my metatarsals are in the right place, now.


Very Professional Service

Professional! If you want consistent, professional service from the front desk to the doctor, this is the place. This is a God-send. Very pleased


I’m Blessed

I used to walk with a cane because of diabetes. I used to lose balance and fall over. But now, since I got these shoes and inserts, I’m balanced. I don’t need my cane anymore. I can even put these inserts in other shoes, and I’m balanced.