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Our Prosthetic & Orthotic Care facility in Little Rock, Arkansas is best in class. Our knowledgeable staff of LPO’s, CPO’s and Patient Care coordinators have years of experience in treating and restoring mobility to patients who may have at one point believed this quality of life was no longer available to them.

At Prosthetic1, our primary mission is to restore your mobility with excellent prosthetic & orthotic care so you can regain the quality of life that you deserve. We are proud to offer our services to patients that find it difficult to return to normal life after losing a limb(s). We are here for more than just your prosthetic or orthotic care needs, we also provide counsel and education to our patients throughout the entire process.

We believe in empowering our patients with support resources, information and all options available to restore mobility and quality of life.

Prosthetic 1 Care Services

What you Can Expect When you Visit Our Prosthetic Care Center In Little Rock

When you visit our offices, you can expect our knowledgeable specialists and staff to greet you with a warm welcome smile. Our staff will conduct initial consultations to identify challenges, goals and your lifestyle.

We deploy a step by step approach when developing a treatment plan. This is the best way to quickly develop the optimal prosthetic to help you regain your independence and confidence. Whether you need to replace an existing prosthetic or are in need of a new prosthetic device, either way, we understand that you will have questions. Our Care coordinators help our patients navigate through the administrative processes, explain your benefits, and help communicate your needs to healthcare providers.

We are proficient in providing above the knee and below the knee prosthetic solutions. At the Prosthetic1 location in Little Rock, we have extensive experience in developing customized rehabilitation plans, increasing mobility and functionality, and fabricating custom devices.

Marcus Baker and his team of orthotic and prosthetic specialists understand that your lifestyle and goals must be considered in order to develop custom solutions.

Prosthetic and Orthotic Care FAQs:

What is the difference between Transtibial amputation transfemoral amputation?

Transtibial amputations are also known as below-knee amputations (BKA). These surgical procedures involve the full removal of a lower limb. Transfemoral amputations are surgical procedures that involve the removal of the leg above the knee joint. Mid thigh amputations occur when the lower leg and knee cannot be saved after traumatic injury or disease.

What you should know before getting a prosthetic leg?

There are several key things to consider before getting a prosthetic limb:

  • All Prosthetic legs are not made the same, working closely with your prosthetist is the best way to find out which prosthetic limb is best for you.
  • The prosthetic limb needed for above the knee amputations is different from the prosthetic needed for below knee amputations.
  • Physical Rehabilitation is an ongoing process. Fitting the prosthetic to your body, lifestyle and mobility goals is separate from learning to use your new limb.

How long does it take to get used to a prosthetic leg?

On average, with regular rehabilitation, it can take between two and four months until the patient will begin to feel comfortable using the prosthetic limb. Of course, this time period can vary from patient to patient as various other factors can affect how well the patient adapts to life with an artificial limb.

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If you have any general questions about our process or about your current prosthesis, please reach out to us and schedule an appointment. We understand what you are going through, with this understanding and our expertise, we strive to eliminate the thought that your device is a barrier to doing the things you need and love to do. We care about the outcomes of our patients and sincerely want you to have the best results possible. Contact our Little Rock location for an appointment today.

Our Staff

Marcus Baker, CPO, LPO – President

  • American Board Certified
  • BS Kinesiology – MS State University
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics Certificates – Northwestern University


Michelle Fonville

Patient Care Coordinator


Tamara Baker

Office Manager